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Blended Family Counseling

Traditional marriage is said to be a challenging task that requires consistency, compromise, and hard work to be successful. When you add past baggage from previous relationships, marriages, and children to the mix, now you have an instant blended family and perhaps an even greater task.


Making It Wright Blended Family Coaching provides services to help individuals in blended families get access to hands-on tools, accountability, and support to successfully build and sustain healthy relationships within their blended family. Having our own blended family of 15+ years, we're confident that we are equipped with the knowledge to help your blended family. Below are some of the ways we can support you:

  • Individual coaching sessions for adults 

  • Couples coaching sessions

  • Children group coaching sessions

  • Family group coaching sessions


Seeking coaching is the first step to “Making It Right”.

Why? Studies have shown that coaching enhances an already thriving relationship as well as aid in repairing a struggling relationship. 


Making It Wright Blended Family Coaching provides an interactive solution-focused approach to coaching by utilizing the Symbis assessment and several other resources to develop and strengthen families. Each session will be individualized for each family to set clear obtainable goals. Our goals together with the SYMBIS Assessment will include:

Obtain a clear picture of your personal and relational momentum for marriage.

Gain new insights into your personalities and how they work together.

Learn new skills to strengthen your relationship for lifelong love.


Now that you know a little bit about what to expect when you partner with us, below are our signature services. We offer a safe virtual space where we will unpack your issues and deposit solution-based strategies to point you in the right direction.


We cater our services to future and existing blended families. So whether you are in the process of merging or struggling to peacefully maintain your blended family, we want to speak with you.


Each service is jam-packed with resources that can be implemented right away. 

Let’s Get It Right 

Individual Coaching with wife/bonus mom or husband/bonus dad to address personal goals and strategies.

Preparing to Blend

For soon-to-be blended families who want to use a proven method to build a plan of action.

Making It Wright

For couples who need support to address specific blended family needs and concerns.

Our Own Blended Family Goals

6-part coaching service for the full family.

Are you ready to partner with us to obtain the tools and strategies to blend your family the Wright way?

Click below to book a complimentary chat to learn if we’d be a good fit to support you.

Still have questions about our coaching services? Send us an email for clarification.

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