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“What God has joined together let no man put asunder!”

This has been the marital phrase to live by. However, what happens when what God is joining together consists of more than two ingredients? Well, you get us!! Years ago, God merged two families together and created His greatest Blend ever. He and his two met Her and her two and became One in Holy Matrimony. Through the love and care for one another, Ours was added to the mix. Although we are not biologically connected, everyone became OURS! We are a family that you will never see division or different treatment in our home. Although we are not the traditional family, we are one family. We are all a part of the body of Christ, we are all Christians and one body. We operate under this format and most importantly keep God first and foremost in all that we do. When you blend something together you are unable to see separation. That is our mentality with our family. We are blended and joined together with LOVE, or as we like to call it, “Blended and Loving It!”


Dr. & Mrs. Wright

The Wright's Debut Book...

Blended & Loving It Devotional 

The Blended and Loving It Devotional is sure to be the devotional that blended families have been seeking and longing for. This devotional is full of great motivation from real-life experiences and backed by the Word of God. One of the extraordinary aspects of the Blended and Loving It Devotional is that it offers a section for the entire family which allows everyone to grow together. Regardless of what stage of your blended family that you are in, whether dating, engaged, just married, or years in your marriage, this devotion has something to offer for everyone within the home.



I LOVED this devotional.  It is full of so much informative information broken down to address every member of the family's needs and emotions.  The Wright’s have done an excellent job providing practical, measurable, and essential tools to help any family. I love how they recognized the most important points and have made the information simple to follow.  I enjoyed the wisdom shared based on real-life experiences.  This devotional allows you to experience it from the writers' taking the journey with you.  An excellent read for every family. 


Shawnte K.

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